Registration of Singapore Pte Ltd Company

Fee is inclusive of:

  • Company Name Search & Reservation – We will search for and reserve your preferred company name. Company names can be reserved for a maximum of 60 days before incorporation.
  • Provision and preparation of Memorandum & Articles of Association – this is the constitution of your new company, and stipulates what you should, can and cannot do as officers (directors) of the company.
  • Preparation of statutory forms – e.g. consents to act as directors
  • Registration of company and paying of requisite filing fee
  • Obtaining electronically generated business profile of the new company
  • Preparation of Directors’ resolution in writing for opening of first bank account – in some instances, we will also assist in opening of bank accounts at our office.

Additional charges are levied for:

  • Common Seal of the Company: Many important agreements to which the company is a party require the company seal to be affixed on the document. Share certificates issued by the Company must have the common seal affixed. It is the Company Secretary’s duty to keep this in his/her custody, and to record each time the seal is used.
  • Physical Minute Book  & Company Register: – You, or the Company Secretary you appoint, is legally bound to maintain a book of original minutes and resolutions, as well as a register of all officers and subscribers of the Company.