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Company Secretary


Section 171 of the Companies Act states that:

(1) Every company shall have one or more secretaries each of whom shall be a natural person who has his principal or only place of residence in Singapore.

(1A) It shall be the duty of the directors of a company to take all reasonable steps to secure that each secretary of the company is a person who appears to them to have the requisite knowledge and experience to discharge the functions of secretary of the company.

In addition:

(1E) Where a director is the sole director of a company, he shall not act or be appointed as the secretary of the company.

A Company Secretary has to be appointed within six months of the formation of a company.


Included as part of the fee for appointing us Company Secretary:

  • The preparation of documents relating to the Company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), completion of the Annual Return and attending to the requisite lodging of statutory documents with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA);
  • Updating and maintaining the minute books and statutory registers;
  • Reminder of Annual Return due dates to relevant Company officers and administrators

Additional charges are levied for other tasks:

  • Changes in the Board of Directors and particulars of directors
  • Resignation/Appointment/Change of Director;
  • Allotment/Transfer of Shares;
  • Attending to the following routine matters:
  • Opening of banking accounts;
  • Acceptance of banking facilities;
  • Changes in authorized bank signatories;
  • Changes in Registered Office address;
  • Certification and authentication of the Company’s documents for use locally or overseas; and executing documents or affixing the Company’s common seal at the Company’s General Meetings;
  • Registration of and update of the register of charges;
  • Attendance at and all preparatory work relating to physical Board and General Meetings;
  • Increase in allotment of shares, issue of share certificates;
  • Change of auditors or name of the Company;
  • Amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Conversion of private to public companies.

In addition:

  • Filing Fees & Penalties incurred with ACRA will be billed as charged
  • Printing, Postage & Other Incidental Charges which will be deducted from a Disbursement Deposit of $200 payable at the beginning of the billing cycle. Any unused portion of this deposit is rolled over into the next billing cycle.

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