Registered Office Service

Section 142 of the Companies Act states that:

A company shall as from the date of its incorporation have a registered office within Singapore to which all communications and notices may be addressed and which shall be open and accessible to the public for not less than 3 hours during ordinary business hours on each business day.

You can use any Singapore address as your business address as long as it does not infringe on other licencing or zoning requirements such as URA and HDB’s restrictions on places of business.

Clients may wish to use our registered office address as their company’s registered address. The address will be reflected on the Company’s ACRA records, and all government related physical mail will be sent to our address.

*We are not responsible for any physical correspondence forwarded to our premises. If you would like us to secure mail and packages sent to our address, an additional charge is levied for Hold Mail Service where your mail and packages will be sorted and held at our premises until collected or forwarded on instruction.